KPV VersaPac

Seek And Destroy

Crushing Time

Time is money. In the waste-hauling business, that is even more true. Every minute counts out on the route and in the storeroom. Luckily for you, you can count on the K-PAC™ VersaPac which not only makes for easy loading for your employees, but your waste collection hauler will love you for choosing K-PAC, an easy to service compactor.

The VersaPac is a new breed of compactor that works seamlessly with front-load, rear-load and roll-off systems. Systems that can be accommodating to sites of any size. This means, when your customer's need change, the container can too, but the VersaPac system won't.

To save more time (and money), the VersaPac is smart too, smart with industry leading features!

Standard Equipment

KPV VersaPac Specifications

NSWMA Rating .77 y3
Loading Height 42" From Ground
Ram Face 46" x 33.5"
Floor .38 AR Plate
Clear Top Opening 46" x 33"
Ram Penetration 21.5" Breaker Bat to Maximum, 11" Past Retaining Teeth
Packing Force Normal 22,400 lbs.
Packing Force Max. 25,800 lbs.
Packing Pressure Normal 2,300 PSI
Packing Pressure Max. 2,300 PSI
Ram Face Pressure Normal 14.5 lbs./sq. in.
Ram Face Pressure Max. 16.5 lbs./sq. in.

Standard Power Pack

Electric Motor 3 HP 208/230/460 Volts 3 Phase
1 HP 110/220 Volt Single Phase
Hydraulic Pump 5 GPM HI-LO 3 Phase
3 GPM HI-LO Single Phase
Reservoir 13 Gallons
Fluid Northland Talamar Extreme ISO 32
Cylinders 2 - 3" x 16" Standard for Rearload and Frontload use
2 - 3.5" x 16" Optional for Roll-off use
Standard Controls Key Start, Stop and Full Light
Cycle Time
Time 26 Seconds / 3 HP
34 Seconds / 1 HP

KPV VersaPac

KPV .77 y3 79.5" 69.5" 46.5" 33" 41.5" 39.5" 95" 42"