Waste-compaction manufacturer upgrades primer for “maximum corrosion resistance”

K-PAC™, a leader in the waste-compaction industry, recently began using a new DTM urethane primer that will increase paint longevity. The company upgraded to this new DuPont primer on all equipment, beginning late in 2010. “This is a highly specialized primer, and it’s great for our units,” said Phil Allen, VP of sales and marketing. “It’s an industrial grade, so it delivers maximum corrosion resistance.”

K-PAC™ is a leading manufacturer of waste compactors both stationary and self-contained, as well as garbage compactors specially made for apartment complexes. The company recently re-released the KPV VersaPac compactor after a strong increase in demand. As the company continues to see sales increases, K-PAC™ leaders say they are more determined than ever to ensure that each product is of the best quality possible. “We value quality, and customers value quality,” Allen said. “It’s important to us that they have a product that operates well, looks great, and stands the test of time.”