K-PAC™ Stationary Solid Waste Compactors

An Industry Leader In Solid Waste Compaction

KPMINI 1/3 Series

The Stationary Compaction "MINI" Series are designed to do big jobs in small spaces.

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KP2 Series "Stubby"

The KP2 Series is affectionately called "The Stubby". Its overall length of 71 inches enables the KP2 to fit snuggly against any structure.

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KP2SH Stationary Compactor

The KP2SH Series is suitable for those small industrial applications, hospitals, retail and food stores. Ideal for the sold waste stream or recyclables.

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KPV Versa Pac

The VersaPac is a new breed of compactor that works seamlessly with front-load, rear-load and roll-off systems. Systems that can be accommodating to sites of any size.

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